Money - ATMs - Money Changers in Palawan - Philippines

Palawan is one of the principal tourist attractions in the country. Enjoying the many sights the island can offer can only be worthwhile as long as you have money to spend. Here are some tips on where to find money-ATMs-money changers in Palawan.

Puerto Princesa is the only place that has ATM machines accepting international cards. Coron has a couple of machines in but they only take Philippine cards. The main entrance of the NCCC, the biggest supermarket and department store in Puerto Princesa, has different ATMs. This is the best place to withdraw money because it has a backup generator during power outages compared with other banks.

However, the big advantage of these machines is that they have the tendency to become offline and you will not be able to enjoy your vacation because of insufficient funds. The withdrawal limit for every transaction is P10,000 and you can do it twice a day from one bank.

If you need more than the allowed amount, the best thing to do is over several days. You can find yourself experiencing a lot of hassle getting money from the local banks and a power failure occurs. If this happens in the early morning and the ATM does not dispense cash and your card is stuck inside the machine, you would have to wait for that bank to open. This could totally ruin your day as you would have to continue with a limited budget.

If you are a foreigner, taking out funds from your international ATM card may become a problem because they will not work in the Philippines. As part of their security measures, foreign banks block access to cards in developing countries so you may need to inform the bank that you will be making a trip to the Philippines.

Exchanging foreign currency in Palawan may not be a good idea. This is because the rates are relatively high. It is best to trade your foreign currency in Manila. Some banks offer good foreign exchange rates or you can also try Western Union because they can offer the best rate. Sending out money to Palawan is possible as there are branches of Western Union in Puerto Princesa and El Nido.

Credit card transactions are only accepted in hotels or high end resorts but in other places it is unlikely that you will not be able to make any transaction using your plastic. The charges for any transaction can reach as high as 7%. You can use credit cards to book your flights but be sure to course the payment to a booking office and not an agent.

A trip or vacation in Palawan will always be worthwhile as long as you take into consideration these money-ATM-foreign exchange tips.



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