Newspapers in Palawan - Philippines

You may be on vacation, but it cannot be denied that there will be times when you will want to be updated on the latest current happenings around your home country and other parts of the world. With the newspapers in Palawan, this will not be a problem.

Newspapers in the Province

The continuing economic growth that the province is going through is leading to the establishment of several publications devoted to news, both local and foreign. Among the most prominent and widely read are the Palawan Times, which comes out weekly, the Palawan Sun, the Bandillo ng Palawan and the Palawan Mirror. While they cover a lot of local events, they also report on the latest and most important happenings in other parts of the world.

Where to Get the News

The local newspapers in Palawan are available in the newsstands, but if you are staying in the hotel or resort, they might have a supply of these broadsheets, saving you the trouble of having to buy one. Some of the other hotels here also have copies of the major dailies from Metro Manila, so if you have a favorite newspaper you do not have to go without them.

If the hotel / resort has an Internet connection, you can access the websites of these papers. The Palawan Sun has its own website, and so do the leading dailies that are published in Metro Manila. With the Web you can also browse through the many publications not just in the Philippines, but also abroad, so you will not be limited to just the newspapers in Palawan.

The idea of reading the news while on a vacation can and does make sense. If you are, for example, a businessman you will still want to keep an ear on the latest happenings that might affect your enterprise or venture. For others, there can be even simpler explanations; their mornings will not be complete without checking out the headlines or the scores on the sports page. It is true that you can get a lot of this info on the Web, and probably even more, but it is not as convenient.

The newspapers in Palawan are increasing in number, and with the connection and communication facilities ever expanding, there will be no need for you to worry about being caught unaware of what is happening around you while you are relaxing at the beach.



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