Niko's Cabanas & Restaurant in Palawan - Philippines


If one is looking for that affordable place in Palawan to enjoy the beauty of this island yet still be able to enjoy a somewhat luxurious travel, Nikos Cabanas & Restaurant should be on top of ones list. Nikos Cabanas & Restaurants attention to detail deserves a lot of merit and the resort has been designed to provide guests with all the modern comforts that life can offer. Although a relatively small resort, Nikos Cabanas & Restaurant has just about anything that one can ask for, and for special events, their cantina can accommodate as many as 200 people. Worried about the summer heat? The cantina at Nikos Cabanas & Restaurant is airy and there are so many trees in this resort that there is more than ample shade.

Another thing worth mentioning about Nikos Cabanas & Restaurant is that their cantina has a diversified menu. Aside from local dishes, the restaurant serves excellent American and Continental cuisine that will have anyones taste buds wanting more.

Nikos Cabanas & Restaurant offers several tour packages and they are City Tour, Underground River and Island Hopping. The City Tour will allow one to capture all the historical sights of Puerto Princesa City and includes visits to the museum, Plaza Cuartel, Crocodile Farms Institute and other tourist spots in the area. The Underground River tour package on the other hand is a 3 hour ride to see this national park declared as one of Mother Natures wonders. Lastly, Island Hopping lets the guest explore the several islands around Palawan to enjoy the coral reef and other water sports such as snorkeling.


Nikos Cabanas & Restaurant has a promotion ongoing and this is to last until July 2009 when it comes to rooms. Nikos Cabanas & Restaurant offers 4 different types of rooms: deluxe, single, double and triple. The triple deluxe room is the cream of the crop and it surprisingly only costs three thousand six hundred pesos. All rooms are spacious, have air conditioning, a private toilet with hot shower, cable television and fridge. All rooms open up to the pool of Nikos Cabanas & Restaurant, and this combined with the palm trees and grass would surely have one completely relaxed.

Contact Information

Nikos Cabanas & Restaurant is easy to find, located along Rodriguez Road in Barangay San Jose, Puerto Princesa. Ann and Efren, representatives of Nikos Cabanas & Restaurant can be reached at (048) 723-1339. They are also very quick in responding to emails and their email address is . For a quick look around the resort before booking, there a lot of pictures posted on Nikos Cabanas & Restaurant website.



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