Olympia Maru in Palawan - Philippines

Located between Tangat and Lusong Island, the Olympia Maru diving site is one of the most popular destinations in Busuanga Island. It has a mean depth of 62 feet and a maximum depth of 80 feet. The range of visibility is between 33 to 65 feet. It was named after the 450 feet Japanese freighter Olympia Maru.

With a length of 122 meters and width of 17 meters, Olympia Maru was launched in August 1927 from the Mitsubishi Zoken Kaisha Ltd shipyards in Nagasaki. Originally running on a steam engine, a two-stroke 6 cylinder engine generating 582 horsepower was installed between June to August 2, 1930. It was designed for the Mitsubishi Shoji Kaisha Ltd, which had the rights to the ship even after it sunk and requisitioned by the Japanese Defense Forces.

In September 1944, it took refuge in the island of Busuanga in Northern Palawan. Along with 11 other ships, it was anchored on the western section of Tangat Island in Coron Bay. Today, the Morazan Maru, as the ship is also called, is one of the most popular wreck diving sites in Coron Bay. Lying on her starboard at a depth of 25 meters, the ship is famous for its beauty and rich marine life.

Penetrating the wreck is a relatively easy task with its four big cargoes. The vacated engine room as well as the boilers is among the features of the dive. The former was salvaged during the 1960s. A ray of mystery makes the visit more exciting because of the light emitted by the coral-covered hard and soft corals.

Wreck diving in this site provides one with a view of big groupers, crocodile fishes, baby barracudas, to name just a few. Aside from the different variety of fishes, the site also offers a view of soft corals located on both sides of the vessel with occasional visits from sea The Olympia Maru is characterized by a calm sometimes mild current with a visibility of 3 15 meters based on the prevailing conditions.

The bow still stands and the stern masts provide an opportunity for macro stuff. At the bow deck of the ship, one can find the remaining gun-turret. The rich marine life offers opportunities for taking underwater pictures. Olympia Maru is ideal for open water divers. However, for deeper penetrations, a wreck diving certificate is required.

For wreck diving opportunities, the Olympia Maru diving site can provide both tourists and enthusiasts a grand stay.



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