Palawan Adventist Hospital in Palawan - Philippines

Palawan Adventist Hospital is actually now known as Palawan Adventist Medical Center and Colleges, Inc. It is a familiar landmark in Puerto Princesa, being located along the junction of two major roads in the city.

They provide medical services as well as caregiver courses through their recently-added Caregiving Training Center. The hospital is simply called Adventist by the locals.

Location/Getting There

Palawan Adventist Hospital is located along Junction 2, National Highway, San Pedro, Puerto Princesa City. You can easily access the hospital through the citys main public transports which are tricycles, jeepneys and multi cabs.

Since it is along the highway, it will be hard to miss. In fact, if your destination happens to be Junction 2, you simply instruct the driver to take you to Adventist and they will already know which place you mean.

Contact Details

You may reach Palawan Adventist Hospital through their hotline number (048) 433 2224, which is available 24/7 for emergencies and inquiries. When you call this number, you may also be connected to the department or doctors clinic that you are trying to reach.

For tourists visiting Puerto Princesa, it is best to keep the hotline number in mind in case any medical emergency arises and you are in need of hospital assistance.


Palawan Adventist Hospital or more formally known now as Palawan Adventist Medical Center and Colleges, Inc., started as Palawan Medical Clinic back in 1982, October 10 to exact. It was the brainchild of Dr. and Mrs. Orvillo Varona. The clinic was at Abad Santos Street, Puerto Princesa.

Six years later, in 1988, the clinic was moved to its present location and also adopted the Palawan Adventist Hospital. The medical fields at this time were only in General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Family Medicine. But by 1996, more specialized medical fields were added: Pediatrics, Trauma, Internal Medicine and Anesthesia.

It was also during this time that the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation unit of the hospital was added. By 1999, more improvements were made including the construction of their Emergency Department with a 7-bed capacity.

By 2002, the hospital began offering caregiver courses. 2008 saw yet another set of improvements, with the renovation of some parts of the building, upgrading of hospital facilities and the addition of the hospitals Intensive Care Unit.

By 2009, more renovations were completed to meet the requirements of the Department of Health which will allow the hospital to be upgraded to tertiary level. These improvements included having the hospitals own canteen, a dedicated Administrative Section and Medical Social Services, among others.



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