Palawan Beaches

Palawan has become a favorite tourist destination because of its esteemed natural wonders, from hanging cliffs that reach the sky to the majestic treasures hidden underneath the sea. Palawan is also a famous name when it comes to pristine, white beaches. Therefore, don’t hesitate to take your pick among these beautiful, white beches in Palawan:

Calamian Islands

Calamian Islands are a group of islands consisting of two main islands of Busuanga and Culion. Each of the islands in Calamian contains a pristine, white sand beach. Busuanga, the largest among the group, also contains numerous beaches with its gentle landscapes and marvelous diving sites. Culion is also an addition to the duo with its own assortment of beautiful beaches. Other tiny islands in Calamian contain numerous beaches, all of which have smooth white sand and blue crystalline waters. It is best to take your pick among the beaches while cruising around a rented pump boat. Calamian Group of Islands is accessible by riding a direct flight from Manila to Busuanga. There is also a ship from Manila that departs every Friday arriving towards Coron, the main town in Busuanga. Tricycles can be hired to take the guests to their hotels.

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El Nido

The El Nido Marine Reserves is a group of islands boasting of natural formations such as limestone cliffs, rainforests, dive sites and white beaches. Because of its extraordinary natural sceneries, El Nido has become one of the Philippines’ top tourist destinations. Its pristine, white beaches are covered in pure white sand topped with crystal-clear waters. El Nido is not only perfect for lazing around the shore, but also for other nature-related activities such as hiking, rock climbing and diving. El Nido offers a picturesque landscape with its blue waters and smooth, spotless sand, as well as its limestone cliffs met by crystalline, blue waters below. A direct flight from Manila to El Nido takes one and a half hours, and a tricycle ride takes tourists from the airport to the desired hotel resort.

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Honda Bay

Honda Bay is also an ideal destination for snorkeling, swimming and diving among local residents and tourists. Honda Bay consists of islets known to contain beautiful white beaches. Such islets include the Cannon Island, the Bat Island and the Lu-Li Island which is only visible during low tides. The Starfish Island is also famous for its crystal-clear waters that serve as a home for starfish. The Snake Island is known for its stretch of the finest white sand shaped like a snake on the sea. Most of the islands do not permit the visitors for an overnight stay due to lack of facilities such as freshwater, except for the Starfish Island. Some, however, are privately-owned while some charge an entrance fee. Honda Bay is specifically located at Sta. Lourdes wharf at the city of Puerto Princesa. The wharf is twenty-five minutes away from the city proper using hired tricycle or jeepney. Pump boats are available for rent for island-hopping.

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Taytay Bay

Taytay Bay offers the perfect opportunity for diving, snorkeling and island-hopping. Tayatay Bay is home to rainforests and many islands, each containing white sand beaches on its shorelines. One of the most highly-esteemed islands among tourists is the Apulit Island, known for its isolation thus making it ideal for a romantic getaway. Apulit Island is home to the most beautiful beaches in Taytay Bay, and also offers convenience to tourists as it is a well-developed island. World-class resorts are built on the island, making it easier for tourists to relax and enjoy the place’s beauty as they are accommodated by air-conditioned cabanas. Taytay Bay is Palawan’s old capital and can be accessible by jeep from the city of Puerto Princesa.

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Rossana’s Beach Cottages

If you want to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Palawan yet you don’t want to pay exuberant prices then this is a budget hotel/resort you can go for. Rossana’s is easily accessible and is quite close to popular places in the islands like Palawan Divers, which is a place to go for diving enthusiasts.

The cottages and accommodations in this beach resort are modest yet comfortable, which will suit the tastes of those who are just out backpacking. The cottages themselves give you a good view of the natural scenery, which is a boon to any guest. Rossana’s is also a short distance away from town, which is good for those who need to run to town from time to time and get supplies and other needs. Cheap rates here start at Php 900 or USD 20.

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Gloria’s Beach Cottages

Gloria’s Beach Cottages is also another option for those who are looking for budget accommodations while getting good views of the nearby beach. They have rooms that can accommodate an average sized family. It’s a great way to enjoy island hopping without incurring large costs for board and lodging.

The downside is that the cottages don’t have air conditioning. They only offer electric fans, which is quite alright if you really want to experience living in the tropics. The cottages are modestly decorated so you should not expect something extravagant.

Rates here in Gloria’s Beach Cottages are quite cheaper than a lot of the nearby guesthouses. They usually just average below USD 20. This beach resort is located in Cale Hama in Barangay Masagana. To get there you need to travel to the mid-point of the beach area in El Nido, Palawan.

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If you’re looking for a place that is quite lavish complete with a lush secluded island then try Amanpulo. You can spend a tropical vacation along the beach, at the hillside, or on the treetop. Each of these accommodations will have varying price ranges. Cottages are fashioned after the traditional Filipino bahay kubo, which gives a bit of a colloquial feel.

Accommodations and facilities here in Amanpulo are no less than world class. You get satellite TVs, an iPod Dock, DVD Player, complementary beach bags and sandals, and other modern-day conveniences to name a few. The beaches here and the nearby snorkeling and diving area is a welcome treat. You can even go sailing and windsurfing if you’re adventurous enough to try such water activities. You can even take their island tour or just spend a relaxing afternoon at the spa.

Rates in this beach resort are proportionate to the great service and accommodations you receive. They range from less than USD 1,000 to USD 3,000. The rates here will vary depending on the type of rooms you get and are subject to taxes and service charges.

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