Palawan Divers in Palawan - Philippines

Diving in Palawan will take visitors to an underwater world that is no like other in the world. Palawan waters boast of beautiful marine life where divers can see exotic sea creatures and magnificent corals that have made Palawan a popular diving destination in the Philippines.

Travelers from all across the globe flock to El Nido every year specifically to take advantage of the dive sites that this municipality of Palawan is famous for. Palawan Divers can take tourists to a whole new world under the sea to explore its majestic aquatic life.


Palawan Divers is located along Hama St., Barangay Masagana; in the fishing village of El Nido, north of Palawan. It is very easy to spot since it stands right at the entrance of the village, just across Rosannas Cottage.

El Nido may be reached through land, air and sea travel; while getting around the fishing village is done through its main public transports of jeepneys and tricycles.

For those who wish to get a car hire service for El Nido, there are vans, SUVs, motorbikes and jeeps for rent right in the village.


Palawan Divers is managed by a team of expert divers from different countries hence; not only do they offer excellent diving courses; they also offer these in three languages; thereby making it easier for foreign travelers to understand the instructions in a language that they are most comfortable in.

Languages offered at Palawan Divers are: French, Japanese, English, German and of course, Filipino.

Special Courses

At Palawan Divers, guests can take advantage of three different courses depending on their diving skills. The Fun Dives will take guests to three dive sites in the Bacuit Bay.

The first dive site will be reached approximately one hour after departure from the shores, the team will then take divers to the next closest beach for the second dive site and then a third one will be explored after a short lunch break.

For beginners, Palawan Divers offers Basic Dive Courses that will teach guests the basics of scuba diving in the Discover Scuba Diving Course and then take them to shallow waters for a little scuba diving adventure.

Basic Dive Courses also provides training for open water diving during the PADI Open Water Diving Course.

Specialty Dive Courses meanwhile takes you to a whole new level of diving where you can learn how to chart your dive course to explore the depths of the sea.

Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Course teaches divers how to prolong the use of your dive equipment underwater and reduce air consumption for a longer stay underwater.

Enriched Air Course teaches divers the fundamentals of safe, recreational no decompressing diving; while the Underwater Navigation Specialty teaches divers on the proper charting of dive courses.


Fun Dive 1 Php 1,800

With food and drinks Php 2,000

Without equipment Php 1,600

With food and drinks minus equipment Php 1,800.

Fun Dive 2 Php 2,900

Without food and drinks Php 2,700

Without equipment Php 2,700

Without food, drinks and equipment Php 2,500

Fun Dive 3 Php 3,600

Without food and drinks Php 3,400

Without equipment Php 3,400

Without food, drinks and equipment Php 3,200

Discovery Scuba Diving Courses start at Php 3,000; while Open Water Dive Courses start at Php 20,900.



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