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Palawan is a province situated in the westernmost territory of the Philippines. The name of the province comes from the largest island in its territory, Palawan Island, which is also one of the largest in the country and one of the top tourist destinations in the country for its biodiversity and resorts.

Like in the rest of the country, there is no shortage of educational facilities in the province as Filipinos, wherever they may be, value education more than anything else. Learning institutions such as Palawan State University, Western Philippines University, Holy Trinity College, Fullbright College, and AMA Computer Learning Center offer private and public higher education for the province’s inhabitants.

Holy Trinity College

One of the pioneers in providing higher learning in the province, Holy Trinity College was first established as Holy Trinity Academy in 1940. It was then promoted into being a college in1950 with the courses Elementary Teacher’s Certificate (ETC), Vocational Stenography and Typing offered to enrollees.

Throughout the years after its inception as a college, Holy Trinity College has come to offer a wide variety of bachelor degree programs ranging from the staples such as Bachelor of Science in Nursing up to graduate studies such as their doctoral and masteral programs in Public Administration. Apart from being a vanguard of higher learning in the province, Holy Trinity College is the center of Catholic education in Palawan, an aspect that sets it apart from the other institutions of higher learning in the area.

It has gone a long way from its foundation in 1940 as it is now a dynamic Catholic learning institution that strives in incessantly molding leaders and in committing itself into the development of a strong Christian community in the province.

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Palawan State University

Palawan State University is another pioneer in providing higher learning in the province. Founded in 1972, it is relatively younger than Holy Trinity College though it is pioneer in its own right by having he distinction of being the first educational institution to have the university status being conferred on it by the government. Being a university, Palawan State offers a wide range of disciplines and it is for this reason why the university has sixteen campuses scattered all over the province. Priding itself as a provider of world-class higher education in the province, Palawan State University is committed to its four-fold purpose of instruction, extension, production and research.

Western Philippine University

Another state university located within the province is Western Philippine University. It is one of the oldest learning institutions in Palawan as it began in 1910 as a learning institution for the province’s indigenous people. Its university status was conferred only recently however, in 2004. It aims to be one of the major higher learning institutions in the region and to be a provider of accessible higher education. It offers a wide range of courses though it focuses more on those that concerns with agriculture as developments in that area will surely benefit the province and the country as whole, as the Philippines is still largely an agricultural country.

Fullbright College

Fullbright College is an even more recent creation than Palawan State as it has only been inaugurated fairly recently, in June of 1998. Deriving its name from the scholarship program that was the brainchild of US Senator Fulbright, the college aims to provide quality education and to promote research and development in the province. One of Fullbright College’s main goal is to produce graduates that are competent and marketable and will man the province’s journey to development. Fullbright College offers computer courses apart from courses in information technology, education, and business.

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Palawan Polytechnic College

One of the state colleges in the province, Palawan Polytechnic College offers outstanding curriculums to undergraduate as well as graduate students. The tuition fee at this school is more affordable than in other colleges in Palawan. Some of the courses offered at this tertiary school are the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.

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Systems Technology Institute

Systems Technology Institute (also known as STI) offers high quality education to students who want to excel in computer technologies. The college campus is situated at the City of Puerto Princesa. The academic programs offered at this tertiary school include Bachelor of Science in Office Administration, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration as well as Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Aside from these courses, the school offers two-year degree programs in Electronics Technology, Office Skills and Management, Multimedia Arts and Computer Technology. In addition to computer related courses, Systems Technology Institute offers Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

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AMA Computer Learning Center

AMA Computer Learning Center competes with STI when it comes to offering high quality academic programs in computer science. The school offers four-year degree courses like Bachelor of Science in Information Systems as well as Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. Students can also enroll in the short courses offered at AMA such as Medical Transcription, Consumer Electronics Servicing, Computer Hardware Servicing and PC Operations.

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San Francisco Javier College

The San Francisco Javier College is a private institution in the province located at the National Highway, Narra. This is duly recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (or, simply, CHED) as a Certified Higher Education Institution. This simply means that this Palawan school has a high standard excellence in providing excellence in the academic affairs of its students.

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Loyola College

The Loyola College in the province of Palawan can be found at Barangay Libis in Culion. Built in 1936, this Palawan school had two former names: St. Ignatius High School (during the years 1951 up to 1955) and St. Ignatius Academy (1962). In its early years, the Loyola College provided education to women lepers or “Hijas de Maria” as they were called in Palawan. After a lot of struggles and paperworks, it finally became Palawan’s first private college in the area with no other existing universities of its kind in Culion. This is a school establishment under the tutelage of the Society of Jesus.

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St. Joseph Academy

Located at Cuyo, Palawan is another popular Palawan school that provides its students with superior academic standards. It has high school and college divisions to cater to its growing number of students.

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St. Augustine Academy

Like the St. Joseph Academy, the St. Augustine Academy stands strong in Coron ever since it started its operations in 1946 at Burgos Street. Formerly named as Palawan North School, operations of the school were managed by a reputable association known as the Coron Modern Educational Association.

Initially, the school operated merely in certain residential areas. At the residence of Pablo Echague at Burgos Street, there were only forty seven (47) students enrolled in the first year during circa 1946 up to 1947. The next school year, the school was transferred to Calle Real at Alvaro Sandoval’s residence. In 1955, this scholastic establishment had finally garnered recognition from the government for its secondary courses and vocational offers. With a lot of hard work on providing quality education, the school now proudly offers not only elementary and high school levels, but also college and graduate courses.

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Coron Technical School

One of the schools that can be found in Brooke’s Point is the Coron Technical School. The school offers high quality education just like the other popular school in the area known as the Sacred Heart of Jesus High School.

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Although a largely underdeveloped province, Palawan has an abundance of higher learning institutions that offer accessible higher education to its inhabitants, much like in the case of the country as a whole.



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