Palawan Festivals

Recognized throughout the world for their natural wonders, Palawan is also the place to visit if you are a lover of festivals and fiestas. There are several of these activities, and some of the most popular are listed bellow.


The Arawedan Festival is held from January 23 to 24 in Port Barton in San Vincente, Palawan.

The Arawedan is an event that showcases the numerous tourist attractions of the place, including their beaches, marine reserves and parks. There are also several programs that highlight the cultural wonders of Palawan.

Puerto Princesa Foundation Day

This fiesta takes place on March 4, the date when the cityhood of Puerto Princesa was declared.

The day is marked by several events. Among them are various games and sports competitions with exciting prizes; there is also a trade fair where merchants, traders, fishermen and other businessmen partake in an exchange of products; of course, there are several parades, floats and general merry making throughout.

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The Kulambo Festival

Every 15th of March up to the 18th, the town of El Nido hosts the Kulambo Festival, one of the most unique in the island province.

While this fiesta is marked by dancing, singing and large gatherings and presentation of various types of delicacies, the top attraction here are the townspeople who dress in the kulambo, or mosquito nets, while parading in the streets.

The Pasinggatan Festival

Singing and dancing are two of the Filipino’s favorite pastimes, and this can be seen in the Pasinggatan Festival, which happens from May 1-4 in Taytay, Palawan.

Although it is held in Taytay, the fiesta is a celebration of the entire culture of the Philippines. Besides showcasing Filipino songs and folk dances, there are programs displaying the best in local handicraft skills and other works.

The Baragatan Festival

From June 17 to 23, the city of Puerto Princesa, Palawan hosts this weeklong fiesta celebrating the establishment of the local government.

In many ways it has become the festival of festivals in the island province, as it brings out the peoples from the other towns, cities and municipalities together in one grand celebration. Throughout the week each locale presents their native songs, dances, folktales and floats.

There are also a series of trade fairs and shows that showcase the products and works of each place, and at the same time allowing for exchanges of items and goods.

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Pista Y ang Kagueban

The preservation of the environment is a priority of the government and this commitment is renewed every third week of June with this festival. It is held in Sitio Magrawak, Bacungan.

There are various programs presented that aim to educate about the importance of preserving the environment, but the spotlight is on the tree planting that takes place in various locations in the city and indeed, throughout the province.

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The Anihan Festival

A lot of the fiestas in Palawan showcase the many wonders of the province, and one of the most popular is the Anihan Festival in Narra, which begins in the last week of October.

The word anihan means ‘harvest” and the festival is both a presentation of the sights and sounds of Narra and also a thanksgiving for bountiful crops, which climax with the Farm Family celebration.

Hariraya Pausa

The Hariraya Pausa marks the final day of Ramadan. Taking place in the initial week of December, it is observed by all the Muslims in Palawan.

The festivities commence with a prayer of thanks, after which the people gather for a feast, and various forms of entertainment, ranging from games to singing.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Every 8th of December Puerto Princesa celebrates this feast of the Blessed Virgin, which is also observed in various parts of the Philippines.

This feast continues until the New Year, and is marked by a series of nightly parades and processions of the Virgin Mary. There are also other activities in the day, including displaying various products and crafts.

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Pagdiwata Tribal Ritual

Another Palawan festival that you should not fail to check out when given the chance to visit this beautiful paradise is the Pagdiwata Tribal Ritual. This event is actually a tribal ritual practiced by the local residents. In this ritual, they give thanks to God for the bounties they continuously receive, and request God to heal the ill people of the province. Since it is a spiritual ritual, the people celebrate this on the month of December when the moon is bright and full. This is done at the Aborlan town.

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Tarek Festival

The Tarek Palawan Festival is held in January each year by the indigenous groups -particularly the people belonging to the Tagbanuas and Batak groups. Usually, this takes places at the third week. The celebration involves ritual dances as its main feature.

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Lambay Festival

A long celebrated event is the Lambay Festival which has been annually done many years ago up to now. In the past, this festival is held to celebrate the start of the hunting season. It was also done to begin the gathering event during the early years. At present, the Lambay Festival is observed by the people as a festivity for spring.

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Cuyo Fiesta

In August, the Cuyo Fiesta is celebrated. It is similar in kind to the Ati-Atihan festival. To celebrate, those who participate in this event would have blackened skins. They usually dance in complete abandonment to the musical beat of the drums.

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Light a Tree

Another of the many exciting festivals in Palawan is the Light a Tree which is celebrated on the first day of December in Mendoza Park at the heart of the city of Puerto Princesa. The celebration involves the lighting of a humongous Christmas Tree.

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Paskuhan at Kantahan sa Kapitolyo

On the fifteenth (15) and twenty third (23) of December, one of the popular festivals in Palawan takes place. This is known to many local folks and frequent visitors of this place as the Paskuhan at Kantahan sa Kapitolyo. Held annually at the Provincial Capitol in Puerto Princesa City, this celebration is done to spread the spirit of Christmas. Activities during this particular festivity include the Carol Singing, Parada ng Lechon (a parade of a cooked pig, which is a local delicacy in the land), and Tunog Tao (which is actually an interesting display of musical prowess and rhythm by the participants by touching or gently slapping a part of the body to produce a sound).

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