Palawan State College Museum in Palawan - Philippines


If one simply cant get enough of museums and one has a deep desire to learn more about Palawan, heres another museum that is worth ones time. The Palawan State College Museum is one of the three museums located in the bustling town of Puerto Princesa City and one has three options to get there. The first option is to hire a private vehicle that will serve as ones transportation around Puerto Princesa City with the incidental trip to Palawan State College Museum. The other two options give one an opportunity to experience the place and save money by taking either a tricycle or a multi-cab to get there. Via the public transportation, the trip should take no longer than 10 minutes.

What to See There

The Palawan State College Museum showcases the history, arts and crafts, culture, ethnology and music of Palawan. Learning about this islands history has never been made more enjoyable. On display are artifacts found from archeological digs in the many caves of Palawan including the Tabon Caves. What we might consider as prehistoric now because of the technology available to us would boggle our minds as to how our ancestors managed to come up with such creative and useful tools which they used for hunting. Learn about the culture of the Philippines and how over the centuries foreigners have left a part of them through brassware and porcelain jars which the Filipinos embraced with their age old warmth and hospitality. Aside from the Palawan State College Museum, the College itself also deserves a second look since students that have graduated from here have proven themselves highly capable in passing licensure examinations. The facilities of the college are at par with those found in Manila and this institution is very competitive.


Prior to the establishment of the Palawan State College Museum, the Palawan State College was founded in 1972 and it was formerly a training school for teachers. It was known as the Palawan Teachers College and it wasnt until Republic Act 4303 that Dr. Walfrido de Leon was named as its first president. It was a school with only 101 students but it already offered undergraduate degrees in education and post graduate studies. It wasnt until 1994 when the name was changed to Palawan State College and it was about 3 years after that the Palawan State College Museum was established.


A nominal fee is charged upon entering the Palawan State College Museum and this is below Php 200. Funds go to the maintenance of the museum as well as the needs of the campus.



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