Paskuhan at Kantahan sa Kapitolyo in Palawan - Philippines

Christmas is celebrated with much festivity and fanfare everywhere in the Philippines and in Palawan, the holidays is one of the most-anticipated seasons of the year because of the annual Paskuhan at Kantahan sa Kapitolyo Festival.

This yearly festival attracts thousands of travelers each year, as well as locals from neighboring towns, to join in the merrymaking.

Location of the Festival

Paskuhan at Kantahan sa Kapitolyo is a month-long celebration that takes place at the Provincial Capitol of Puerto Princesa.

Getting to the festivals location and likewise getting around Puerto Princesa is easy with a number of public transports available daily. Public transportation here include tricycles, buses and vans.

For travelers wishing to get around in a more private vehicle, there are a couple of car rental companies situated in Puerto Princesa that can provide tourists with a good car hire service all year-round.

What to See

Celebration of Paskuhan at Kantahan sa Kapitolyo include Parada ng Lechon, a parade of the native lechon or roasted whole pig; Carol Singing, Payanig sa Kapitolyo and Tunog Tao.

Tunog Tao is of particular interest to revelers, especially tourists, because it involves creating a musical rhythm by slapping parts of the body; i.e. legs, arms, and sometimes even the torso.

There are many other activities to see here during the festival run. One of its highlights also include an animated display of a giant Christmas Tree at the Capitol Park Square.

Countdown to the New Year and a magnificent display of fireworks at the Capitol Grounds caps the month-long Paskuhan at Kantahan sa Kapitolyo.

What Is Being Celebrated

Paskuhan at Kantahan sa Kapitolyo celebrates the Christmas spirit through the aforementioned activities, which also emphasizes the provinces profound religious beliefs as they wait in joyful anticipation for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Traveling to Palawan is comparatively cheaper than traveling to other tourist destinations in other parts of the world. There are budget-friendly accommodations such as inns, pension houses, lodges and hostels that can provide travelers with comfortable accommodations at friendly rates.

There are also local eateries that offer affordable meals; and a few popular food chains can likewise be found in Puerto Princesa that are likewise known for having budget-friendly prices.

For travelers wishing to visit Palawan during the Christmas season, in time to celebrate Paskuhan at Kantahan sa Kapitolyo; it is best to book reservations several months ahead of time, especially room reservations since these can go very fast during the holidays.



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