Port Miller & Lighthouse Tower in Palawan - Philippines


Brookes Point is the location of Port Miller & Lighthouse Tower and if one has heard about this place but has no idea how to get there or cant find sufficient information on it, here are details that are useful. Once in Puerto Princesa City, a distance of 192 kilometers must be travelled by land to get to the Port Miller & Lighthouse Tower, and while it is true that one can rent a private van to get there, there is a more affordable way to get to Brookes Point and that is by bus or by jeep that have scheduled departures from the town proper. The busses and jeepneys leave Puerto Princesa City everyday from 8 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon.

What to See There

Port Miller & Lighthouse Tower has a purpose to the inhabitants of Brookes Point and that is to supply potable water to this small town. When we speak of inhabitants, we are also pertaining to natives of the area including a small community of indigenous people and settlers. While Port Miller is relied upon to supply water, the lighthouse tower is another attraction. Aside from Port Miller & Lighthouse Tower, there are also other things to see and do at Brookes Point and that includes the Sabsaban Falls and Mainit Hot Springs where one can take a dip for that ultimate relaxation. The Brookes Point Ecological Park also serves as home to a diverse flora and fauna in the area. Another place to see when at Brookes Point is the Ocean Spring which is found in Barangay Oring-Oring and this fresh water spring is right smack in the middle of the beautiful sea.


Brookes Point, where Port Miller & Lighthouse Tower is found was named after Sir James Brooke who was its founder. Sir James Brooke was part of the British army who was an explorer and was also named the governor of Sarawak in the 1830s. Sir James Brooke was able to discover Brookes Point when he landed on the tip of the island of Palawan and came across native inhabitants of the area.


Port Miller & Lighthouse Tower can be visited for less than Php 100 and this applies both during peak and off peak season. However, since there are other places to visit when at Brookes Point, there are entrance fees charged and if one avails of a tour package, this is an added expense.



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