Puerto Princesa City Foundation Day in Palawan - Philippines

Location and How to Get There

Puerto Princesa City is where the Puerto Princesa City Foundation Day is celebrated every year since it has been declared a highly urbanized city last March 2007. To get to Puerto Princesa City from Manila, one has to take an hour plane ride and from there, find ones way to city hall where the center of the celebration transpires. Getting to city hall of Puerto Princesa City is easy enough since there are jeepneys and tricycles that pass by this place everyday.

What to See There

Puerto Princesa City Foundation Day is a fairly new event and it has only been celebrated for the past two years. What happens during this event is that bike races are held, dances are choreographed and performed by the local public schools and theres a parade on the street outside city hall. Last year, the city held a two day job fair to commemorate their special day and its purpose was to help skilled workers, job seekers, those desiring to go abroad and graduates find a job. At the end of the Puerto Princesa City Foundation Day, fireworks illuminate the night sky.


What is being celebrated during the Puerto Princesa City Foundation Day is the conversion of Puerto Princesa to a city considered as highly urbanized. The declaration made by President Arroyo finds its basis in the Local Government Code of the Philippines under Section 453 thereof, and it states that it is the ministerial duty of the President to declare a city as highly urbanized upon the locality meeting certain requirements. It was only in January of 2007 that the local government of Puerto Princesa issued a Resolution asking that it be declared a city for meeting the required number of inhabitants and having a certain amount of income annually. Much of Puerto Princesa Citys income and which has led to the celebration of Puerto Princesa City Foundation Day comes from tourism.


Puerto Princesa City Foundation Day will not cost anything if one will watch from the sidelines. Photographs can be taken of the actual celebration but for events such as races that one would like to participate in, there are joining fees. Take for instance the bike race. Aside from the entrance fee, one has to register and health screening is done to make sure that bikers are physical fit for the race. There are also many food stalls in the sidewalks where one can buy a cold drink or grab a snack while watching the event.



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