Sacred Heart Hospital in Palawan - Philippines

Where is Sacred Heart Hospital Located?

Sacred Heart Hospital is one of the nine private hospitals situated in the province of Palawan. The others include the Manipol Hospital at Brooke's Point, the Palawan Baptist Hospital at Roxas, and the RTN Hospital at Rio Tuba in Batarraza. Sacred Heart Hospital is situated in the town of Narra, specifically along Panacan. Narra is one of the main municipalities of Palawan, situated along the eastern coast lines of the province. We actually have no exact information yet as to how one could go to the hospital, but we bet it's supposed to be a not so hard to track trek to go to.

Can We Contact Sacred Heart Hospital in Times of Emergency?

As of the moment, there are no pertinent information regarding contact details for Sacred Heart Hospital that can be found for those people who are not residents of Palawan. But since Sacred Heart Hospital is basically one of those open for all hospitals that are listed right on the website of the Palawan provincial government, then it must follow, perhaps, that the Sacred Heart Hospital is basically easy to access when emergency situations arise in Narra as well as in other nearby towns and municipalities.

How Did the Sacred Heart Hospital Come About?

The Sacred Heart Hospital can be hailed as one of the determinants of the development that has happened, and is still happening, in the province of Palawan. While there are basically no information readily available as per when the Sacred Heart Hospital has actually started and what its roots are. But we do have some information taken that the Sacred Heart Hospital has once been a clinic. When it was a clinic, it was then known as the Sacred Heart Clinic of course. An expansion of the facilities, the amenities, as well as the services provided and the patient base, all contributed to the evolution of the Sacred Heart Clinic into the Sacred Heart Hospital.

Services Offered at the Sacred Heart Hospital

Basically just about any kind of illness can be treated at the Sacred Heart Hospital in Narra. The amenities are all complete, guaranteed to provide the needed medical care and treatment for all its patients. Sacred Heart Hospital also has a whole lot of rooms or wards for their patients to stay in and be cozy in.

Concern About the Lack of Information About the Hospital

We believe that any institution that is meant for public utilization should always have ready information in forms of media that can be easily accessed by the people, such as the Internet. We hope Sacred Heart Hospital could provide for that.



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