Sagrado Hospital in Palawan - Philippines

Where is Sagrado Hospital Located?

Sagrado Hospital is basically one of the government run medical and health centers in the province of Palawan. It is actually originally called the Sagrado Medical and Children's Clinic, but of course, we do tend to say things to our own convenience, so it is now actually better known as the Sagrado Hospital. The Sagrado Medical and Children's Clinic is specifically situated at the budding municipality of Brooke's Point. For those who would want to drop by to the Sagrado Hospital, all they would have to do is to simply look for Moreno subdivision in Brooke's Point. Given that it is a very much sought after medical and health facility in the province, one should not worry about the hospital not being easily accessible.

How to Contact Sagrado Hospital?

Getting in touch with the Sagrado Medical and Children's Clinic, initially, might require most of us to actually go into the hospital, unless of course our patients get a referral. Then, once we get our initial check up with the doctors there, then they would normally be giving us information as to how we could contact them for follow through examinations on our health. Now, if there is anybody out there who would really want to know everything about the hospital, then it's high time they look for the actual person who is actually the master in charge of everything related to the hospital as well as, of course, everything that happens in there. He is Doctor Raul Sagrado, undeniably the person bearing the surname that ultimately became the hospital's name.

How Did Sagrado Hospital Come About?

Sagrado Hospital is actually one of the newest medical and health care institutions in the province. While there is virtually no information in popular sources as to when the Sagrado Hospital actually first came about, one thing is given: that there has been lots of development in the hospital ever since the first time it was set up.

Anything More We Need to Know About Sagrado Hospital?

Of all the hospitals in Brooke's Point, Sagrado Hospital is among the few medical and health centers not only in the municipality but also in the whole province that is very much sought after not just because of the accessible location but also because it is actually one of the few hospitals there that have complete facilities. However, there still indeed exists the need for more health care practitioners in the municipality, because the patient to health worker ratio is still at thousands to one.



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