Sangat Island Reserve in Palawan - Philippines


The Sangat Island Reserve is a sanctuary for all would be visitors of Palawan. Diving is a one of the reasons people flock to Palawan and this resort offers diving experience aside from providing world class hospitality. Sangat Island Reserve is a unique resort in a sense that its concept looks at traveling and vacation from a whole new angle. Understanding the need of most people to get away from their everyday busy lives but not be too far away from the modern comforts, Sangat Island Reserve boasts of being one of the modern ecological resorts in Palawan.

The beachside restaurant at Sangat Island Reserve offers not just the local favorites but has an international buffet that serves a combination of seafood, meat, vegetables and of course fruit. Being on an island where they grow their own vegetables and catch their own seafood, one can always be sure that the food served at Sangat Island Reserve is fresh every time one dines. Aside from the restaurant, Sangat Island Reserve has a bar that serves not just the traditional cocktails but some original mixes of their own. The guests dictate the closing hours since as long as somebody wants to stay at the bar, they remain open and the hospitality one receives early in the evening is the same hospitality one will receive in the end.


Sangat Island Reserve offers two types of rooms and they are the cottage-style room or the villas. Designed by local architects, all materials used in building these cottages are native products and they offer a great view of the bayside of Coron. The beachside cottages allow the guests to be lulled to sleep by the gentle lapping of the waves while the Cliffside ones are where the guests constantly hear the songs of birds. The villa on the other hand is for those who want privacy and they are secluded from the rest of the Sangat Island Reserve but enjoy the most exotic part of Palawan. Villas have their own beach and the only access to it from the resort is via a foot bridge. Room rates start at Php 5,000 per person per night.


To get to the Sangat Island Reserve, one has to take a plane to the island of Busuanga then drive to Coron Bay. From there, the resorts private boat will be there waiting. Located in the surrounding areas of the resort are limestone caves, the forest and of course the turquoise sea.

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For more details on Sangat Island Reserve their website is and they can be reached via the mobile numbers (0920) 954 4328 and (0919) 205-0198. Their email address is or their proprietor, Andy Powell can be reached directly by sending an email to



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