Sea Dive Resort in Palawan - Philippines

Sea Dive Resort is a report that specializes in scuba diving. Located in Coron, Palawan, Sea Dive Resort offers services such diving trips, accommodation, diving training, travel booking. The resort boasts of a low diver-to-dive-master ratio as compared to other dive shops in Coron. It also has Palawans only recompression chamber. Safety and convenience are high priorities in Sea Dive Resort. The resort can be called through the cellular phone number +63-920-945-8714 or emailed at

Accommodation and Rates

Accommodation for guests consists of Deluxe Hotel Rooms, Standard Aircon Hotel Rooms and Fan Hotel Rooms. All rooms have their toilet and hot/cold bathroom. Rooms are for double occupancy per night with an additional PhP 150 per additional bed/person. Rates (in Philippine Pesos) are as follows:

Fan Hotel Room 700

Standard Aircon Room 800

Deluxe Hotel Room 1,100

Dive trips and rates

Sea Dive Resort offers guided tours to famous dive sites in Coron, Palawan such as Akitsushtma, Irako, Kogyo Maru, Okikawa Maru, Morazan (Olympia) Maru ,Tangat Wreck, Kyokuzan Maru, Barracuda Lake, Cathedral Cave. These dive sites vary from open dive to wreck dive which offer scuba divers different kinds of scenery. One can see ship wrecks of Japanese warships from World War II. Other dive sites contain spectacular marine life of exotic colorful fishes, diverse corals and magnificent reefs.

Rates (in Philippine Pesos) for dives, excluding boat rentals and entrance fees, and services are as follows:

1 Fun Dive 1,700

2 Fun Dives 2,800

3 Fun Dives 3,950

Night Dive 2,000

Nitrox (per tank) 350

Small Dive Light 250

Large Dive Light 450

Boat rentals (in Philippine Pesos) vary depending on destination and passengers. Rates are as follows:

Banol Beach 1,500

Cayangan/Barracuda Lake 1,500

Seven Islands 1,500

Twin Lagoon 1,500

East Tangat Gunboat 3,500

Lusong Gunboat 3,500

Banana Island 4,500

Macapuya 4,500

Malaroyroy 4,500

Culion Town 4,500

Entrance fees to dive sites are person.

Cayangan Lake 200

Barracuda Lake 100

Seven Islands 100

Banol Beach 100

Skeleton Wreck 100

Maquinit Hot Springs 100

Dive training courses are also provided by professionally certified instructors. Course and corresponding rates (in Philippine Peso) are as follows:


Open Water Diver 18,350

Advance Open Water 14,850

Emergency First Response 6,200

Wreck/Deep Specialty 13,450

Enriched Air Diver 10,500

Rescue Diver 17,250

Divemaster 43,000

Aside from the above-mentioned services, Sea Dive Resort also has the Seafront Restaurant and Bar. It also offers tour services for sightseeing and island-hopping tours.

Sea Dive Resort has won awards and recommendations for its dive services. It has a Gold Palm rating as a resort and has a Five-Star rating for its dive shop. Sea Dive Resort was named 2008 PADI Top Achiever for the Asia Pacific Region. It also has a recommendation from Rough Guide. It is also named as a Project Aware Go Eco Dive Center.



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