Seadog Divers in Palawan - Philippines


Palawan diving is a whole new experience with the very diverse marine life and several ship wrecks that serve as dive sites in the waters of this island. Palawan Seadog Divers is found in Puerto Princesa City. From the town proper, one can take a tricycle, multi-cab or a jeepney to get to the main office of Palawan Seadog Divers. Although what is in Puerto Princesa City is the main office and the dive shop, this is where one would need to arrange dive packages in several Palawan locations. Palawan Seadog Divers has a satellite office though in El Nido so if one is already there, theres no need to fret, ones diving experience is as simple as talking to the owner Barrie Whiteley who can be found on Rizal Avenue in El Nido.


Palawan Seadog Divers is an American organization of diving enthusiasts and it was founded over 10 years ago in 1997. The company is a dive travel organizer and they have established corporate presence around the world. In Palawan they have certified dive instructors who can speak fluent English and Filipino. The courses offered by Palawan Seadog Divers in Palawan are taught in either of these two languages depending on the learners preference but the learner has to at least be able to communicate in basic English because the modules are in this language.

Special Courses and Cost

The intro dive is offered by Palawan Seadog Divers for free and this course is for individuals who are not sure whether diving is for them. Its a half days lesson including a one hour dive so that one gets to have a feel of what the sport is like. For the certified divers, they have refresher programs, Dive Master training and technical diving for those who want to go a level higher. For those who are sure they want to learn how to dive, the Open Water Diver course is only US $400 and this already includes lectures, training dives, tank fills and certification.

Certified divers who do not need a refresher course are welcome to dive at Palawan Seadog Divers dive sites with a Dive Master to guide them. Diving rates are Php 1,500 per person on a per dive basis, Php 1,200 representing boat and fuel surcharge and Php 500 for full equipment rental. For those who dont want to have to worry about whats for lunch during the dives, an additional Php 550 per head is charged for packed lunch which is brought on board.



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