SEAir in Palawan - Philippines

Palawan is accessible by air through the many airline companies that serve a handful of domestic flights every so often. One of the most reliable flying partners to Palawan is SEAir.

Fast SEAir Flights

Aside from being a choice airline company in the country for most tourist destinations scattered through, SEAir boasts of an efficient, world-class, fast service that remains unequalled all these years. It is most popular for its cost-efficient service to Palawan explorers. SEAir have several regular flights to Puerto Princesa from the Manila Domestic Airport. Amazingly, it also flies tourists from the capital city to other premier sites such as El Nido, Coron, and Busuanga. The flights are not just convenient ways of moving around the province, they are also one of the many wonderful ways to take a picturesque view of the islands down below. Thats why every Palawan explorer should not leave a camera and clutch it tight for every reason to click away while aboard a SEAir aircraft.

When to Take the Flight

For the most part, SEAir operates year-round. However, the expected volume of passengers and unpredictable weather may sometimes hamper the regular flight schedule. But you can find a flight easily during the peak season, which is summer. SEAir departs from the Manila airport several times each day during that season. To be sure during other times, make sure that you check the SEAir website every once in a while.

The airfare is also dependent on when you are actually taking the flight. Naturally, airfare is priciest during the peak season. Then again, with competition around, SEAir usually holds promotions where special discounts are made available. Make sure that you keep track of any promos to save on your travel expenses.

When planning for your trip, always check the SEAir website for flight schedules and any important information that you might need. During the rainy season, the flights may be irregular. You can expect SEAir as well as other airline companies to discontinue their operation when a threat of storm is underway.

From Palawan to the World

Mostly, Palawan airports embrace domestic flights only. But recently, SEAir took the brave step of moving tourists from Palawan to other exciting tourist destinations outside the country. A Palawan to Malaysia flight is already available. Soon enough, other destinations will be added on. This significant move helps the local tourism a lot. By making Palawan accessible to foreign adventurers, it is given the best chance to enjoy an active and lively tourism industry. Thats what SEAir is doing exactly at present.



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