Starfish Island Restaurant in Palawan - Philippines

There is one amazing Palawan restaurant in one amazing island located just off Honda Bay. We are talking about Starfish Island Restaurant, which is located, yes, you guessed it right, Starfish Island.

Starfish Island is called that way because of the abundance of starfishes that are found all over the place. It is a pretty small island but is never short of beauty, indeed. Starfish Island has its own allure that attracts many tourists to stop by.

Starfish Island Restaurant, on the other hand, is just like any other Palawan restaurant. It serves great-tasting seafood meals at very affordable and reasonable rates. The fresh catch from the sea, cooked whichever way, has its own appeal to many local and foreign tourists alike. Thats why it is served generously in Palawan restaurants.

The Food

The seafood theme at Starfish Island Restaurant is mouthwatering. Although the menu is quite limited in terms of cooking procedures, there is no reason for you not to have satisfying meals at this Palawan restaurant. Usually, a meal at Starfish Island Restaurant is all about picking out your choice of seafood from the catch of the day and ask the staff to have it grilled or fried. Your meal will be served with either rice or chips and a side dish of veggies to make it filling enough.

Not a lot of people like the idea of having very limited choices of food. Thats probably the reason Starfish Island Restaurant is does not attract too many visitors any given day. The few who tried the menu, however, liked what they had and swear to come back for the simple yet authentic taste of Starfish Island Restaurants dishes.

There are also other regional dishes on offer. But since the seafood meals are filling enough, they are not mentioned too much by those who dropped by Starfish Island Restaurant.

The Location

To get to Starfish Island Restaurant, you need to endure an hour boat ride from the port of Honda Bay. On your arrival, you will love the sight of a very small island that is never short of good sights nevertheless.

You will like staying in this island because, although it is not as popular as Coron or l Nido, it offers lots of great options for tourists who want to have a relaxing getaway. It also helps that you will not have to get hungry even when you seem too far from civilization. The nippa huts also serve as a nice shelter for a stay longer than a day.

Starfish Island Restaurant is indeed a must-try for an interesting food adventure mainly because it is set against a wonderful backdrop of a picturesque island paradise.



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