St. Augustine Academy in Palawan - Philippines

Overview and Location

Many of us especially those based in Manila would be familiar with the St. Augustine Academy. There is also a St. Augustine Academy in Coron, Palawan but this is not the same school that we know of in Manila but it is just as competitive. Guided by a vision of an academic community that teaches its student to live by Gods word, St. Augustine Academy aims to transform the youth into good Christians working for the common good. St. Augustine Academy is located on Uson Island in the municipality of Coron in Palawan and this is some distance from Puerto Princesa.

Courses Offered

Initially, St. Augustine Academy only offered primary and secondary education. In 1955, the school began to offer vocational programs and this later on expanded to offer undergraduate courses in Arts and Commerce. Courses include Marketing, Business Management and Mass Communication. Tuition fees are kept at a minimum since it is the mission of this school to provide affordable quality education and they target specifically the low to medium income earners. A vocational course here would cost around Php 10,000. There are also scholarship grants to deserving students so education is not too far away for those who feel they cannot afford it. Three years ago St. Augustine Academy established the Graduate School and began to offer two graduate courses. Currently, the St. Augustine Academy is trying to establish a consortium with a known school in Quezon City, St. Joseph College, to expand its graduate programs for its teachers and other professionals.

History and Other Information

St. Augustine Academy was previously called the Palawan North School in 1946. Formerly it only offered education up to high school and since its establishment it has seen several changes of board of directors but it was only in 1974 under the leadership of Bishop Gregorio Espiga that the school gained recognition for having a full line up of secondary courses and vocational subjects. Facilities were improved for the students better learning, classrooms were expanded and the teachers were provided with opportunities for growth. In 1991 to 1997 during Fr. Caabays time, St. Augustine Academy saw its very first computer lab come into existence and since then the school has never looked back in keeping their students in touch with modern times. In the school year of 2006 to 2007, St. Augustine Academy opened its new Graduate Program and offered two courses: MA in Education and MA in Public Administration. It was in this same school year that a scholarship was established to help the indigenous go to school.



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