St. Joseph Academy in Palawan - Philippines

About St. Joseph Academy and its Location

According to studies, the literacy rate right now in Palawan is pegged at 94 per cent. This number increases by a percent every year because the local government continues to make it a point to make education more accessible to the residents of Palawan. Some of the ways that they employed is by building schools in far flung areas in the province such as Cuyo, which is actualy a fourth class municipality in the province of Palawan. One such school that was established here is the St. Joseph Academy.

Aside from St. Joseph Academy, other prominent schools in the area include the Palawan College of Arts and Trade. In this municipality is also located the Cuyo District Hospital. St. Joseph Academy is specifically situated along Rizal Street, in the village of Tenga Tenga.

Course Offerings at St. Joseph Academy

As of the moment, the St. Joseph Academy is best known for its high quality education and peak standards for education in the elementary and high school levels. The St. Joseph Academy also offers college education as well, but it is not yet really clear as of the moment what these college courses are, since very little information about their course offerings can be found on the World Wide Web. But one thing is for sure about St. Joseph Academy - it is one of the schools in Palawan that offer education at its best, and is right now facing a growing number of enrollees as well as a growing student population.

The St. Joseph Academy is classified as a private educational institution. It is also duly listed under the schools that are registered with the Department of Education or DepEd.

How the St. Joseph Academy Came Into Existence

It is, right now, not really clear as to how the St. Joseph Academy came about. That is because there are very little researchable resources right now about this institution. But as per alumni records, the earliest batch of graduates from this institution may have come from as far back as the year 1952. Thus said, we just might be able to say that the St. Joseph Academy might have started from the 1940s. But this needs further clarification.

Some Interesting Facts About the St. Joseph Academy

People who have been connected with the St. Joseph Academy are actually now actively doing social service in the community in Cuyo, Palawan. One such individual is the late Fe Pediapco, who once served as a teacher in this school and was regarded as one of the most outstanding teachers in Cuyo. Pediapco is credited for the various tape recordings she made on subjects pertaining to education.



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