Swimming in Palawan - Philippines

With the majority of Palawans area covered with water, it shouldnt be surprising that a favorite activity in this province is well, swimming! Anywhere you go in this scenic place, youll find clear blue waters. So even if you claim to be none of a summer babe, you will surely find it irresistible to take the plunge and enjoy the Ss sun, sand, and sea -- and just go swimming in Palawan!

Dive In!

For people who love the salty ocean water, there are quite a few reasons that make swimming in Palawan waters interesting.

For one, you get to be treated to a less-crowded paradise of your own. A lot of resorts in Palawan do not take in as many guests as those in Boracay do. That means you can enjoy a relaxing getaway because you do not have to brush elbows with everyone. Theres going to be a lot of room for you to move your bum and even shake it off. Party animals should not worry, though. Not because Palawan does not enjoy as much tourists as Boracay does means that nightlife would be boring. In Palawan, every thing is also possible. If you love night swimming while taking a sip or two of your favorite drink in between, you can also do that. You just have to choose your hotel resort carefully and make sure that an interesting bar is on board.

Another good thing about Palawan waters is that, it is considerably cleaner than the others. Since it is less crowded, not much litter is expected. Strict government rules also prevent people from abusing the healthy marine life. You will hardly see a floating trash while doing any kind of stroke you may be comfortable doing.

When swimming in Palawan, make sure that you dont miss the waves. Sure, they are not as beautiful and as fit for surfing as those in Northern Philippines. But hey, just the sight of a wave is already a treat!

Swimming Pools

Not everyone likes the saltiness of the sea. Some do prefer the kind of swimming water they are used to at the metropolis. For them, swimming pools are made available. The common practice in Palawan resorts nowadays is that they are readily armed with a pool or two for exclusive use of their guests. So it is quite easy to find one from your resort of choice. Be aware, however, that frugal resorts may not have them. If you really want to go swimming in Palawan through a pool, you better check if your resort of choice has them or not before you book a room.



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