Systems Technology Institute in Palawan - Philippines

Systems Technology Institute (also known as STI) is one of the popular Palawan schools that specialize in courses related to information technology as well as computer science. Aside from associate courses, this educational institution also offers secretarial and technical courses. Additionally, the institute features fully equipped facilities that are helpful in providing an environment that is very conducive for learning.


Situated at the third level of CSD Building in Puerto Princesa City, Systems Technology Institute can be reached by riding in public utility vehicles stationed at the city proper that usually travel along Lacao Street. Inside the campus of this Palawan school, people can find air-conditioned rooms and a computer laboratory. In addition, the institute provides a simple but relaxing faculty room to instructors and professors.

Academic Programs

When it comes to the academic programs available at this Palawan school, students can enroll in any of the associate courses, namely Associate in Computer and Electronics Technology, Associate in Information Technology as well as Associate in Multimedia Arts. Additionally, the educational institution provides several programs that were authorized by the Philippine Technical Education and Skills Development Authority like diploma courses in computer network technology, applied computer science and electronic commerce programming. Other courses available at this institute are basic PC troubleshooting and MS Office training program.


With the aim of training competitive professionals who are knowledgeable in the fields of computer science and information technology, Systems Technology Institute opened two campuses in 1983. Because of the demand for computer professionals, the school added other academic programs and opened campuses in different Philippine provinces in the late 1980s. The expansion of this institute continued for several years, which contributed to the inauguration of the campus at Puerto Princesa City in the early 1990s.


Students who like to enroll and study at Systems Technology Institute in Puerto Princesa must allocate 15,000 pesos to 20,000 pesos per semester for the miscellaneous fees as well as tuition fees. To accommodate and help students who are having problems with finances, this Palawan school offers scholarships and financial grants to individuals who will qualify and who will pass the scholarship exam.

Contact Information

Individuals who want to know more about the academic programs, courses, and degrees offered at this Palawan school should visit the website of the educational institution at Students can also send their suggestions and inquiries at puertoprincesa@sti-edu-net, or they can reach any of the staff of the admission office of STI at (048)-434-2765 and (048)-434-2765.



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