Tabon Caves in Palawan - Philippines


The Tabon Caves is among the places that one needs to visit when in Palawan and not just because it is a tourist site, but also because this is a reclusive place perfect for deep thoughts. For those who want to go to Palawan not just for a vacation but to find a moment of peace and a place they can call a sanctuary, the Tabon Caves is an ideal spot. The Tabon Caves complex can be found on a place called Lipuun Point in Quezon on the island of Palawan. To get there, one has to first get to the town of Quezon and from there take a 30 minute boat ride to get to the complex. If we were to approximate its distance from the capital of Palawan, the Tabon Caves is about 155 kilometers from it.

What to See There

Aside from the limestone formation found in the Tabon Caves complex, there are pathways inside the actual cave that would let us even for a brief moment relive 24,000 years back during the time of the ancient people. The limestone formation is a work of art by itself alone but because the Tabon Caves complex has been developed by the National Museum, the entire trip itself is like walking through a museum but this time not confined within man made walls. Outside the complex is the beach, another beauty of Palawan with its fine white sand and turquoise sea.


The Tabon Caves complex was discovered around 1962 by a group of archeologists from the National Museum headed by the now deceased Dr. Robert Fox. During excavation, the group found human remains dating from as far back as 24,000 years ago. During the 8 years of excavation, only 29 of the 200 caves in the Tabon Caves complex were fully exposed and explored. It seems that 24,000 years ago the Tabon Caves were used by our ancestors as both a burial site and a place to live in. This discovery is significant to the Philippine heritage and because of its importance, the Tabon Caves through Presidential Proclamation No. 996 was declared a Museum Reservation Site.


The Tabon Caves require the visitor to go on a boat ride to get to the Tabon Caves complex. The boat trip is approximately Php 1,000 so the more people the boat can carry, the better because then the cost is split among those riding. Of course, during peak season, the fare could go up but not that significant. To enter the caves is less that Php 500 so all in all, for a total of about Php 2000, the trip is very much worth it.



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