Tabon Museum in Palawan - Philippines


As a prelude to entering the Tabon Caves, visitors must first undergo orientation at the Tabon Museum. The orientation done here is not just another way to make money off visitors. In fact the purpose of the orientation made at the Tabon Museum is to allow us to appreciate what we will see once inside the Tabon Caves. Found right outside the Tabon Caves, the Tabon Museum is in Quezon, Palawan and it is about 150 kilometers from the south of Palawans capital, Puerto Princesa City. Quezon though is really not that far from Puerto Princesa City and all one has to do is to take the jeepney from Puerto Princesa City which should be about 4 hours drive and then hire a tricycle to get to the Tabon Museum.

What to See There

Its not really just a question of what one will see once at the Tabon Museum, it is also about what one can do while there. The orientation is about two hours and this includes a lecture on the history of Palawan including the discovery of the Tabon Caves. The Tabon Caves is an archeological find and the dig was headed by the late Dr. Robert Fox. A lecture is also given on ethnology and there are presentations of related materials. The Tabon Museum also has exhibits of some of the artifacts found inside the Tabon Caves during the archeological dig. Inside the Tabon Caves is a pathway that will lead one to what our ancestor considered as the village proper as well as the burial site.


The history of Tabon Museum is tied with that of the Tabon Caves. The Tabon Caves was home to ancient tribes some 24,000 years ago. This was where they lived and also where they buried their dead. There are actually a total of 200 caves inside the Tabon Caves Complex but only 20 were part of the archeological dig. Because of its significance and importance to the Philippines, former President Marcos by virtue of PP 996 declared it as a Museum Reservation Site.


To see the Tabon Caves Complex costs about Php 1000 per adult and that already includes the 2 hour orientation. Aside from the orientation provided by the National Museum since the Tabon Caves Complex and the Tabon Museum are under their supervision, this already includes a guided tour of the complex. Children are admitted for half that price so families visiting Palawan are afforded an opportunity to bond as they learn together about their favorite island destination: Palawan.



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