Tangat Wreck in Palawan - Philippines

Tangat Wreck is one of the WWII shipwrecks found in the waters of Coron; and is a major dive site in the island. It lies in an almost upright position and is considered as an excellent warm-up dive for those looking to go further with their wreck-diving adventure in Coron.

The ship is believed to have been sunk by a US aircraft around September 24, 1944.


The Tangat Wreck is located approximately at coordinates 11º58 N, 120º03 E off Tangat Bay. It is one of the Japanese freighters during WWII and weighs about 5, 000 tons and is approximately 122 meters in length.

What To See

Tangat Wreck has many large holds that make for a good penetration. Divers can clearly see the pipework and valves of this cargo ship. The outer parts of the ship are covered in corals with small coral fishes. The bow and stern are still intact and on the front deck of the vessel, divers can still see a gun turret.

There are also lion fish, crocodile fish, scorpion fish, groupers, batfishes, fusiliers, wrasses; and on occasion, sea turtles, ghost pipe fishes, rays and snakes. There might even be a sea horse galloping about once in awhile.

From where the bomb hit, divers can see the collapsed bridge; although the engine is still in place; and there are also two boilers inside the engine room. Further explorations will also show the divers sponges, tunicates, nudibranch and even slugs.

Depth/Experience Level Required

Tangat Wreck has a depth of about 30 31 metes, with a visibility range of 5 15 meters. Water conditions are usually calm; with occasional changes in the current; but still within manageable range; making it a safe dive site in Coron.

Required diving experience to dive down to the Tangat Wreck site is Open Water, Wreck Diver for more deep penetration. The recommended EAN Nitrox level is 36%.


The cost for a dive down to the Tangat Wreck can range from Php 1, 700 up to Php 3, 950; depending on the number of dives per day; and your choice of a dive center in Coron.

These rates however, usually already cover tanks and weights, torch light, entry fees to the dive site and a professional diver to act as your guide. Rental of additional equipment may range from Php 350 for each for snorkeling equipment; approximately Php 1, 000 for underwater camera; and Php 500 for dive computer.

Again, these prices may slightly vary depending on the divers choice of dive center.



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