Tara Island - West Side in Palawan - Philippines

Dive sites in Palawan are aplenty and these are given star ratings depending on the quality of diving that you will experience when you visit any one of them. From five stars to just two stars or even one, with five being the highest, divers can get a good idea of what kind of diving to expect from these specific dive sites.

Tara Island West Side is a three-star dive site within the waters of Busuanga Island, making it an excellent choice for a dive when visiting Palawan. While it may not be as controversial as the popular WWII shipwrecks around the islands of Coron, this dive site has its own beautiful marine life thats worth checking out.

Within the island is a Vietnamese refugee camp.


Tara Island West Side is located seven kilometers off the southeastern section of Nanga Island, about twenty-nine kilometers off the northeastern section of Coconogon Point, at the northeastern tip of Busuanga Island.

You can reach this dives site through a boat ride that will take roughly about four hours, but the trip will be well worth it.

What To See

Soft corals, small reef fishes, pelagic fishes or those that live within the water columns of coasts, tunas, jacks, and Spanish mackerel are only some of the various fish species that you can find at the Tara Island West Side dive site.

But the main attractions of the Tara Island West Side dive site are the reef sharks and guitar sharks which you can readily see once you down this site.

Depth/Experience Level Required

The Tara Island West Side dive site has an average depth of 19.8 meters and a maximum depth of 30.48 meters. Visibility can reach up to 24.38 meters.

Divers wishing to dive down the Tara Island West Side site will need to have a Scuba Diving, Open Water Diving or Advanced Open Water Diving experience. It is always advisable to dive down any of the dive sites in Palawan, with a professional guide who is adept with the waters of Palawan and has extensive knowledge on the dive sites, in this case, the Tara Island West Side dive site.


Dive costs may vary depending on your chosen dive site in Palawan. A single dive may range anywhere from Php 1,400 to Php 1,700; two dives may cost Php 2,200 to Php 2,500 while three dives may cost Php 3,000 to Php 3,950.

For night dives, it could go anywhere from Php 1,900 to Php 2,200. Divers are advised that prices may change without prior notice.



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