Taraw Vista Lodge & Restaurant in Palawan - Philippines

Cuisine and Specialty

When looking for accommodation in Palawan, it is but natural to expect that no matter what kind of hotel we stay at, there is at least edible food served at the restaurant. The good news about Taraw Vista Lodge & Restaurant is that they do more than just provide one with lodging and edible stomach fillers, they serve dishes that will have ones taste buds craving for more.

The Taraw Vista Lodge & Restaurant specializes in seafood and its easy to understand why. With the beaches of Palawan within walking distance and several fishing communities near it, one can be sure that the seafood served is fresh out of the sea. In fact, although the Taraw Vista Lodge & Restaurant also has other things on their menu such as chicken, vegetables and pork, diners flock to this place for the seafood. Lobster, mussels, oyster and many different variants of fish are served here Asian style. Steamed, fried or sushi, just ask any of the waiters what style of cooking they would recommend for seafood and they will deliver mouth watering options. Depending on the type of seafood ordered, price can vary. Fish is around Php 250 while lobsters and crabs would be around Php 600 to Php 800. Theres no need to wince though because their servings are huge at the Taraw Vista Lodge & Restaurant and two variants can feed as many as 6 people.

The Restaurant

Taraw Vista Lodge & Restaurant has a very laid back atmosphere with its outdoor setting and tables made out of local materials placed inside a big nipa hut. Enjoy the cool sea breeze can be enjoyed while having meals and the restaurant has a very long buffet table complete with all dishes imaginable including a huge variety of seafood. They also serve ala cart in case one isnt that hungry. Although the furnishings of the Taraw Vista Lodge & Restaurant are basic, what really draws people is the excellent seafood.

Hotels Nearby

Sabang, which is where Taraw Vista Lodge & Restaurant can be found has many accommodation options. Aside from the Taraw Vista Lodge which offers affordable and cozy rooms, one can also consider the following as options: Big Apple Dive Resort, Mermaid Resort and Atlantis Beach Resort.

Contact Information

Unfortunately the Taraw Vista Lodge & Restaurant does not have an independent website but information can be gathered from several travel sites. Bookings and inquiries can be made by calling (0919) 319-6686. It is found on Hernando Street in Sabang, Palawan.



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