Tom Tom Club in Palawan - Philippines

The Tom Tom club located in Puerto Princessa, Palawan is a great place to visit if you are in the area and love a good steak with music from the 70s. The owner, Tom Tom, came to Palawan a few years back, met his wife, and settled in. The Tom Tom club is a favorite hangout for locals and foreigners alike. Incidentally, it is the only restaurant that has been visited by Prince Andrew during his visit to the Philippines. The restaurant is a very spacious bungalow that has a high ceiling gazebo that is very well ventilated and surprisingly cool all year around. The gazebo is also surrounded by lush gardens and the neighboring ocean. Many visitors have commented on the view especially in the evening.

The Tom Tom Club is known for having one of the best steak houses in Palawan. Many foreigners swear that the steaks are grilled just right and the house specialty the pepper steak really packs in the crowd in the evening. The club also offers a mean dish of Paella which leave its clients stuffed. The steak dishes range costs less than $10 and can be cooked the way any visitor would want it.

The Tom Tom Club also serves a wide variety of local fruit drinks and shakes as well. They are also noted for having terrific green mango shakes and their variations on the fruit desert menu are a nice surprise depending on the season. They also carry the local beer brands although if you prefer something more stronger or refined you could try the other wine shops in the area.

If you would want to just hang around, it is a good place to meet fellow divers and trekkers. Most of them visit the Tom Tom club after their trips to unwind and talk of their adventures. If by chance you love to sing, there are music nights where you can try and belt out some tunes from Queen or Abba. The music is varied but Tom Tom Clubs is known for favoring Abba tunes. Sometimes you get the owner to perform the songs for his patrons.

The Tom Tom Club is located just off Manalo street. Business hours start at 4pm onwards and are closed on Thursdays. If you wish to visit the club, its in the vicinity of the local airport entrance. It is advisable to ride a tricycle to get there because it is in a backstreet and difficult to find on foot at night. The attire is casual and tips are discretionary. Most of the waitresses have a tip jar that you can just place your tips for them. They can be reached at 048-4333111 for reservations and other special functions.



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