Tourist Tour in Palawan - Philippines

The beauty and splendor of Palawan has been verified and documented by travelers and reviews alike. However, the natural beauty of the province can only be appreciated by going sightseeing. Tourist tour packages consist of a wide range of activities from scuba diving, visiting the underground river, and a wide range of activities. Aside from the natural habitat, Palawan likewise has historical landmarks dating back to the Spanish Period.

Palawan boasts of several attractions and you would not have any problem getting to the sites because the hotels and resorts take care of transporting guests to their designated sites. It all boils down to the kind of tour package you will pick. For example, a tour around the city of Puert oPrincesa would be handled by the hotel or resort where you are billeted. Likewise, a visit to underground rivers or dive sites would be taken cared of by the venue where you are staying.

The Attractions

Whether its in land or sea, Palawan tourist tours would always be a meaningful experience because of the different attractions that will surely capture your attention. If you are into diving, various sites such as Tubbataha Reef, Coron Island, and Port Baton will always be an amazing experience.

Land attractions such as the view decks in Salvacion, Sta. Monica, and Buenavista provide you with a breathtaking sight of the hills, plains, and coastlines. The Enchanted Kingdom and city stadium is an excellent place to take your children along. If you want to see more of Palawans natural habitat, places like Calauit Game Preserve and Sanctuary, El Nido Marine Reserve, and the Malampaya Sound Land and Seascape deserves your time as well.

If you like beaches, the most popular ones in Palawan are Honda Bay, Nagtabon and Apulit Island, Red Cliff, among others. Palawan tourist tours will likewise include taking part in different festivals in the province such as the Balayong, Kamarikutan Arts, Baragatan Festivals, to name just a few.


The cost of tourist tours will depend on the kind of package as well as the number of participants included on the trip. Spending a whole day touring Puerto Princesa and its many attractions may cost around P1, 500. A tour of the subterranean rivers, you will spend around P600 to P700 per head. Some packages would require a minimum number of passengers on the boat so you need to verify this with the travel agency.

Palawan tourist tours in Palawan give you the opportunity to experience fresh air and truly appreciate the many attractions the island has to offer. Likewise, you will get to do your share in environmental conservation. As a result, you will be contributing a great deal to the efforts of the province and its people.



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