Tricycles in Palawan - Philippines

Someone who has been in Palawan would agree that the streets of this beautiful island province are filled with tricycles. Yes, those three-wheeled motor-run vehicles are dime a dozen all around Palawan.

Tricycles are the most common modes of transport in all the cities and municipalities of Palawan. With their smaller built and strong power, they can reach through destinations after destinations with ease. Beach resorts and hotels are accessible by tricycle from the airport. Restaurants and other tourist spots can be reached through a short ride in a tricycle as well. If you are saving on your cost but you do not like a huge crowd traveling, asking for a tricycle driver to take you to your destination is a good option.

Unlike cars-for-hire, tricycles charge low. Depending on the distance, you could be asked to pay the minimum fare to hundreds of Philippine pesos. There is an added cost if you want to reward the driver for bringing you to your destination safe. However, providing a tip to the driver, no matter how small the amount is, is a kind act. Generous tourists also inspire the locals to serve them better.

As opposed to jeepneys, tricycles carry less people. If you are on a special route, you can even ask the driver for a special trip where you will be joined by no other passenger but yourself unless, of course, you are accompanied by a friend.

Be aware, however, that Palawan streets are mostly composed of rough roads. If you are not prepared for the roller coaster ride that is combined with dusty air flying around, you can well think about another transport option than the tricycle. Car rentals serve the upscale tourist best. They can provide you with convenient travel only for a hefty price tag, of course.

Although tricycles are associated with loud noises and air pollution, their efficiency in moving excited tourists cannot be equaled. When in Palawan, where not all roads are accessible to bigger vehicles, having tricycles around is a blessing in itself. You should be thankful that you actually have an option to get to a deserted destination without having to walk your way through. Tricycles can hold you and a companion, along with your baggage, and only cost you a minimum fare price.

When drawing a plan for a Palawan trip, make sure to include at least one tricycle ride to your itinerary. It definitely would not hurt if you give yourself a chance to experience the locals way of life by going through their most common mode of transport!



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