Vista Luz Picnic Grounds in Palawan - Philippines


Palawan is the ultimate vacation getaway but contrary to what everybody thinks, a vacation here does not need to be expensive to be good. In fact, there is even no need to go outside Puerto Princesa City to have fun in Palawan and the capital has just about everything we could possibly ask for. Vista Luz Picnic Grounds is one of the places tourists visit and where the locals spend weekends. Found on Circulation Road, the Vista Luz Picnic Grounds is readily accessible by tricycle from the town proper and if coming from the airport, it is only about 8 minutes away.

What to See There

Vista Luz Picnic Grounds is not just for picnics, one can also go swimming here or opt to stay overnight. The picnic huts can be rented out and its size depends on how many its meant to accommodate. The largest hut known as the pavilion can accommodate up to 100 persons so for those with big families or for those traveling in big groups, the Vista Luz Picnic Grounds makes a great venue. When it comes to overnight accommodation, there are two cottages for rent and each cottage has two beds so it can accommodate up to 4 individuals. Although there is no air conditioning, these cottages are equipped with a fan and as we all know, it never really gets that hot to the point of unbearable in Puerto Princesa City. Whats good is that these overnight cottages have its own private bathroom.


Ask any local how long Vista Luz Picnic Grounds has been around and they would say that it has been there for as long as they can remember. Truth be told, Vista Luz Picnic Grounds has been around for at least two decades but originally only as a place where families can get together for a picnic. The city government of Puerto Princesa City didnt really develop the place until about a decade ago when tourism in Palawan picked up with great speed. Theyve added a swimming pool and the two cottages to better accommodate both locals and tourists alike.


The Vista Luz Picnic Grounds provides an affordable venue for family gatherings with the picnic hut rental at only Php 250 to accommodate 4 to 6 people. For overnight accommodation, the cottage is less than Php 2000 and if theres 4 people sharing the room, that comes up to less than Php 500 per head per night.



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