Wildlife Center in Palawan - Philippines


Seeing exotic animals found only in Palawan does not mean one has to leave Puerto Princesa City. If one wants to see a conservation facility or would like to bring ones kids there so they can appreciate the animals, the Palawan Wildlife Center is just a stones throw away from the busy town of Puerto Princesa City. Found in one of the major roads in the capital, National Road, the Palawan Wildlife Center is a mere 5 to 10 minutes tricycle ride from Puerto Princesa City.

What to See There

Since the Palawan Wildlife Center aims to conserve the last few species of endangered animals in Palawan, this is very different from a typical zoo. As much as possible, the staff of Palawan Wildlife Center recreate the national habitat of the animals so that they are able to live a normal live albeit within close watch. By doing so, the administrators of the Palawan Wildlife Center are hoping that the animals would be able to successfully breed for eventual release back to the wild. An interesting part of ones trip here would be the crocodile hospital, where sick and disabled crocodiles are nursed back to health. Should the crocodile be too sick to recover and eventually die, the skin of these creatures are used by the Palawan Wildlife Center as a primary resource for its needs.

The Palawan Wildlife Center is not just about the animals though. Many go here to research in its library that has the largest collection of books when it comes to Philippine history and endemic creatures.


The Palawan Wildlife Center is under the management of the DENR and it was started in an effort to preserve whatever animals may have been left that are on the brink of extinction. When tourism picked up in Palawan, so did the demand for the beautiful birds found only on this island and the locals would catch them and sell them for a measly amount. Now with effective legislation in place and the consorted efforts of the DENR and the local government of Palawan, these animals now have a renewed chance at life.


Entering the Palawan Wildlife Center would cost about Php 500 per adult and though one might think that this is a bit expensive for a zoo, many would beg to differ especially those who have seen what awaits the visitor inside the premises. Children are admitted for half the price.



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